My name is Simone Melis. I was born in 1986 and grew up in Milan Italy where I lived and studied until my graduation in 2005. I always desired to travel because I realized that I never wanted a sedentary existence. Here my story starts: I decided to discover the World capturing my emotional moments through the lens using my CANON 700D.

My curiosity to see beyond my own hometown has given me the chance to live abroad and to get in touch with different cultures meeting with people teaching about the lifestyle of their own countries.

Each place I have been to excites me and when I look through my camera to take pictures I feel I am beeing part of the moment and
every time I have this desire to explore, this takes me to another part of the Globe. So, when I think about my next travel plan I do research about that specific country and it's lifestyle so I can become part of it. Looking through my lens, what I like about my pictures is that they speak the truth, maybe with some imperfections just like in everyone's life.

Here is my adventure. You are part of it !!!

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