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• Sat 13 Oct 2018 h 23.44 Cagliari (IT)  • La Croce di San Giorgio e le teste di moro bendate (ora non più), i quattro re saraceni sconfitti dagli aragonesi durante la battaglia di Alcoraz.
• Wed 22 Aug 2018 h 11:08 Oamaru (NZ)  • Whatever our souls are made of, yours and mine are the same.
• Sat 11 Aug 2018   h 22:07  Oamaru (NZ) • Cause you are my happy place...
• Wed 04 Aug 2018 h 08:59 Sydney (AU)  • Real life experience.
• Fri 25 May 2018   h 14:20  Oamaru (NZ) • The City of gondolas, calli, canals, bridges and Carnival. Known in the World for its beauty and magic, almost impossible to believe that a city like this could exist. Venice: unique and inimitable. Every corner has is own charm. Your legs, vaporetti and gondolas are the only way to discover the city. Admiring her in a gondola is a "Must", a "once in a lifetime experience". The rich and majestic palaces, the clock tower and Piazza San Marco with its cathedral breathe Renaissance air. Every square, monument, bridge or canal has a story to tell. "La Serenissima" so called at the time of the Doge takes you back in time reliving the atmosphere of a past era.Venice is like a kiss, everytime it's like the first time, it gives you positive vibe. Venice is unique in itself.
• Sun 13 May 2018   h 11:24  Oamaru (NZ) • She is a person that will never leave you alone. Anywhere you are she is with you. She smiles with you, she cries with you, she supports your ideas and even if life can send you far away from her, you know that she will never leave you alone. Nostalgia sometimes is very strong and difficult to handle but, knowing she is with you makes everything easier giving you the necessary motivations to looking forward because nobody understands more than her. She believes in you more than any other. She helps you understand what you really want in life and to become what you are: a grown MAN totally independent that lives his own experiences, taking responsibility his own actions. She teaches you the meaning of life, she teaches you to never give up and that there's always a solution to any problem. When you know that there's a person like that in your life, you know you can make it, no matter what, anywhere you are. She was, she is and she will be next to you! I let you know that for me you are "Il Maestro" and "la mia spalla" where I find support when I am falling down. Today is your day "Mamma del cuore" or "Mamma bugia"  Ci vediamo presto...
• Wed 09 May 2018   h 18:59  Oamaru (NZ) • From the Cambridge dictionary "smile" is a happy or friendly expression on the face in which the ends of the mouth curve up slightly...But are we sure there is nothing more then that? By my traveller experience I might say that I have met and talked with so many people that count and remember is impossible but even that, they all had something in common, the Smile. I consider it part of an universal language, something extraordinarily powerful able to change (in better) the day of a person. It can gives you positive vibe and see things in a different way, it can be used as a destrees, it can be use to make you happy, laugh, carry on and I believe many other purpose plus: "It's free". And you: "Do you smile?" Ops I forgot to tell you that smile helps to smile!
• Thu 03 May 2018   h 21:34  Oamaru (NZ) •I flew down to this town untill then unknown in search of happiness. I flew down to this town and I find you. I've always liked you since the first time I saw you but I was probably too shy to get close. Now that we are starting to hang out together I found the words and the courage to tell you that I 've always liked you, but now even more. I know that this is your first time you are moving so far from home. You might feel nervous, excited, confuse, sad, happy, curious... All those emotions mixed together. I know how you feel. It happened to me many times and believe me, it's normal. You will check your baggage, you will cross your parent's eyes and while hugging them one tear it might fall down. It's absolutly normal, believe me. You are now in a “waiting area” staring the monitors. You are probably listening some music or reading something about your first next destination. The Eternal city: Rome. The time won't go fast. It won't work. I can see a smile on your face.You are realizing how cool it will be and I am sure that it will really be. The gate is finally open and in 10 minutes you will find yourself sit inside this huge “thing with wings and engines” that will bring you to the otherside of the World. Everything is ready, everything is in the right place. The phone is in “flight mode” and the safety belt is fastened. You are now ready to take off and me with you. Now a new chapter of your life is waiting to be written. Don't let the time falling flat. I will wait for your return counting down the days. I finally find a reason to live for. I am sure you will enjoy your travel! I already miss you Jò. With love Simon
• Mon 30 Apr 2018   h 14:05  Oamaru (NZ) • After 2 weeks I have decided. I am going to make business cards!!! Today I am going to meet a person highly raccomended by many to work on this project. We meet at 10.30 at “Tees street” where I invited her for a coffee. When I arrived, she was already there, sitting with a cup of coffee between her hands and a purple pen on an open agenda on her left side, ready to take notes. Straight long blonde hair falling on a slate blue shirt. Deep light blue eyes and a true smiling face. This is Joanna, a 23 years old beautiful lady. Born and raised here in Oamaru. I admit that it was a pleasure listening to her. She also told me that in 3 weeks she will fly to Italy, visiting for the first time an european country. The way she talked about this, she seems very very excited, even if she would like to know some italian words. “Just move your hands and italians will understand you!!”. It's almost one o'clock and we both have to leave. We will definitely keep in touch!!!  By the way, it was really nice to meet you
• Sat 28 Apr 2018   h 06:31 Milan (IT) • It might be the genetics, my sister and I decided to embark upon a life out of the ordinary, we decided to travel, discover and venture into so many parts of the World. She ended up here in Charleson (SC).  After about a year and a half without seeing each other I came to see her and I never thought that this place was so beautiful, rich in history and fascinating. The immense beaches where in the morning we can walk, breath clean air and clear the mind. Contemplate the immensity of the ocean while a group of dolphins are playing near the shore. It's the perfect way to start the day! I am just wondering: "How do you describe an indescribable place?" "How can beauty be told?" "How can emotions be written?" Maybe you can not, maybe you just have to live. For sure today is not the day to get those answers cause today is your day... Happy birthday AGRU "Fai della tua vita un capolavoro"
• Wed 25 Apr 2018   h 13:47  Oamaru (NZ) • For our freedom, we thank and always remember those who sacrificed their lives by giving us hope for a better World. To all the victims of the wars a special recognition on this day of memory and pain. We promise that we will do everything possible to make this happen and give to the new generations a better future. Thank again to all of you that now are resting in peace.
• Fri 20 Apr 2018   h 08:12  Milan (IT) • Ciao Muso, Sono qui da sola in cucina e mentre faccio colazione penso a quello che stai facendo tu dall'altra parte del Mondo. La mia mente e i miei pensieri non si fermano mai, qualsiasi cosa mi porta a te. Rivivo momenti passati insieme e mi sembra di averti qui vicino a me. Non sono triste perchè tu sei lontano, è che mi manchi tanto, mi manca il tuo tutto. Vorrei abbracciarti , sentirti, accarezzarti; solo questo! Sono felice per te che vivi ogni attimo con passione e assapori ogni posto fino a sentirlo tuo, adesso hai un obbiettivo. Vai fino in fondo, non mollare , devi provare a fare il possibile per realizzarlo, solo così ti sentirai veramente bene. Io ci sono. Sono qui per te.  Non so quando ci incontreremo ma sappi che io sono sempre li vicino a te e tu sei sempre la mia spalla. Ciao Muso ricordati che ti voglio un bene immenso oltre ogni confine. Ti voglio tanto bene amore della mammotti tua.
• Mon 16 Apr 2017   h 19:04  Oamaru (NZ) • The truth about this little guy is that even though his eyes show heppyness, his species is in serious danger of extinction. They are the “yellow eyed penguin” (hoiho in Māori), one of the oldest species and found only in New Zealand. It's very rare to see them now as there are estemated only 4000 left in the wild. Human inpact on their habitat and climate change are all factors contribuiting to their decrease in numbers. I am writing this post to make you aware of this endangered species and to remind you and myself that, if we really want we can make a difference!
• 08 Apr 2018   h 10:26 Dunedin (NZ) • I am in Dunedin where I came to visit an old friend of mine. It's early morning and is a pleasure walking trough the main street of this beautiful town, George Street. I stop in front of this Cafe and I ask myself:"What's better than having a breakfast in such a stylish place?". I order  a cappuccino and a homemade ginger loaf (highly raccormended with butter). The sun is already up in the sky so i deLiving an enjoyable time like this one, I am realizing that at the end, real happiness is not complicated at all.cide to take a seat outside so have the chance to exploiting the moment observing the people passing by and write down some notes.
• Tue 10 Jul 2017   h 17:19 Oamaru (NZ) • I am online!!! Yes, I am officially online. From now on I will be sharing my journey with you trying to show you some parts of the World from my prospective. Everything started when I decided to accept a job offer here in Oamaru, North Otago, New Zealand. Right now I am writing from the Hotel I am living in, situated in a quiet and central area; the dining room is pleasant and comfortable; the bedroom and sittingroom are roomy well ventilated and warm; the kitchen is large, well adapted and equipped. Nothing is missing. I believe that this will be the perfect place for me where I will start to write. Yes, here is where I will definitly stop for a while...
• Sat 24 Oct 2015 h 12:16 Milan (IT)  • Nella mia mente sempre stai, giovane e bella sempre sei. Ti voglio bene Nò
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