World By Lens

  • VENICE - The City of gondolas, calli, canals, bridges and Carnival. Known in the World for its beauty and magic, almost impossible to believe that a city like this could exist. Venice: unique and inimitable. Every corner has is own charm. Your legs, vaporetti and gondolas are the only way to discover the city. Admiring her in … Continue reading VENICE
  • THE 13TH OF MAY - She is a person that will never leave you alone. Anywhere you are she is with you. She smiles with you, she cries with you, she supports your ideas and even if life can send you far away from her, you know that she will never leave you alone. Nostalgia sometimes is very strong and … Continue reading THE 13TH OF MAY
  • A DAY WITHOUT A SMILE IS A DAY LOST - From the Cambridge dictionary "smile" is a happy or friendly expression on the face in which the ends of the mouth curve up slightly...But are we sure there is nothing more then that? By my traveller experience I might say that I have met and talked with so many people that count and remember is impossible … Continue reading A DAY WITHOUT A SMILE IS A DAY LOST
  • JUST FOR YOU - I flew down to this town untill then unknown in search of happiness. I flew down to this town and I find you. I've always liked you since the first time I saw you but I was probably too shy to get close. Now that we are starting to hang out together I found the … Continue reading JUST FOR YOU
  • LET’S THE BUSINESS BEGIN - After 2 weeks I have decided. I am going to make business cards!!! Today I am going to meet a person highly raccomended by many to work on this project. We meet at 10.30 at “Tees street” where I invited her for a coffee. When I arrived, she was already there, sitting with a cup of coffee … Continue reading LET’S THE BUSINESS BEGIN
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