World By Lens

  • THE TRUTH IN HIS EYES - The truth about this little guy is that even though his eyes show heppyness, his species is in serious danger of extinction. They are the “yellow eyed penguin” (hoiho in Māori), one of the oldest species and found only in New Zealand. It's very rare to see them now as there are estemated only 4000 … Continue reading THE TRUTH IN HIS EYES
  • NO RUSH - I am in Dunedin where I came to visit an old friend of mine. It's early morning and is a pleasure walking trough the main street of this beautiful town, George Street. I stop in front of this Cafe and I ask myself:"What's better than having a breakfast in such a stylish place?". I order … Continue reading NO RUSH
  • I AM ONLINE - I am online!!! Yes, I am officially online. From now on I will be sharing my journey with you trying to show you some parts of the World from my prospective. Everything started when I decided to accept a job offer here in Oamaru, North Otago, New Zealand.Right now I am writing from the Hotel … Continue reading I AM ONLINE
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