It might be the genetics, my sister and I decided to embark upon a life out of the ordinary, we decided to travel, discover and venture into so many parts of the World. She ended up here in Charleson (SC).

 After about a year and a half without seeing each other I came to see her and I never thought that this place was so beautiful, rich in history and fascinating. The immense beaches where in the morning we can walk, breath clean air and clear the mind. Contemplate the immensity of the ocean while a group of dolphins are playing near the shore. It's the perfect way to start the day! I am just wondering: "How do you describe an indescribable place?" "How can beauty be told?" "How can emotions be written?" Maybe you can not, maybe you just have to live. For sure today is not the day to get those answers cause today is your day...

Happy birthday AGRU

"Fai della tua vita un capolavoro"

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