After 2 weeks I have decided. I am going to make business cards!!! Today I am going to meet a person highly raccomended by many to work on this project. We meet at 10.30 at “Tees street” where I invited her for a coffee. When I arrived, she was already there, sitting with a cup of coffee between her hands and a purple pen on an open agenda on her left side, ready to take notes. Straight long blonde hair falling on a slate blue shirt. Deep light blue eyes and a true smiling face. This is Joanna, a 23 years old beautiful lady. Born and raised here in Oamaru. I admit that it was a pleasure listening to her. She also told me that in 3 weeks she will fly to Italy, visiting for the first time an european country. The way she talked about this, she seems very very excited, even if she would like to know some italian words. “Just move your hands and italians will understand you!!”. It's almost one o'clock and we both have to leave. We will definitely keep in touch!!! 

By the way, it was really nice to meet you.

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