I flew down to this town untill then unknown in search of happiness. I flew down to this town and I find you. I've always liked you since the first time I saw you but I was probably too shy to get close. Now that we are starting to hang out together I found the words and the courage to tell you that I 've always liked you, but now even more. I know that this is your first time you are moving so far from home. You might feel nervous, excited, confuse, sad, happy, curious...

All those emotions mixed together. I know how you feel. It happened to me many times and believe me, it's normal. You will check your baggage, you will cross your parent's eyes and while hugging them one tear it might fall down. It's absolutly normal, believe me. You are now in a “waiting area” staring the monitors. You are probably listening some music or reading something about your first next destination. The Eternal city: Rome. The time won't go fast. It won't work. I can see a smile on your face.You are realizing how cool it will be and I am sure that it will really be. The gate is finally open and in 10 minutes you will find yourself sit inside this huge “thing with wings and engines” that will bring you to the otherside of the World. Everything is ready, everything is in the right place. The phone is in “flight mode” and the safety belt is fastened. You are now ready to take off and me with you. Now a new chapter of your life is waiting to be written. Don't let the time falling flat. I will wait for your return counting down the days. I finally find a reason to live for. I am sure you will enjoy your travel!

I already miss you Jò

With love


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