She is a person that will never leave you alone. Anywhere you are she is with you. She smiles with you, she cries with you, she supports your ideas and even if life can send you far away from her, you know that she will never leave you alone. Nostalgia sometimes is very strong and difficult to handle but, knowing she is with you makes everything easier giving you the necessary motivations to looking forward because nobody understands more than her. She believes in you more than any other. She helps you understand what you really want in life and to become what you are: a grown MAN totally independent that lives his own experiences, taking responsibility his own actions. She teaches you the meaning of life, she teaches you to never give up and that there's always a solution to any problem. When you know that there's a person like that in your life, you know you can make it, no matter what, anywhere you are. She was, she is and she will be next to you!
I let you know that for me you are "Il Maestro" and "la mia spalla" where I find support when I am falling down.
Today is your day "Mamma del cuore" or "Mamma bugia" 
Ci vediamo presto...

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